‘COVID-19 and Reproduction’ Digest

by Christina Weis

The outbreak of Covid-19, its global spread and global responses has significant impact on social and biological reproduction, and our reproductive choices, health and rights. In April 2020, the Centre of Reproduction Research has launched this ‘COVID-19 and Reproduction’ digest to capture the developments and build up a reference source over the time. The digest includes news articles, empirical research, commentary work, blog posts, advice and guidelines, petitions and calls for research contributions and participants. It is organised into the below categories which are updated and added to regularly.

We recognise that this digest cannot capture everything and invite you to contribute material by contacting christina.weis@dmu.ac.uk who coordinates collating material and maintaining the archive. Thank you to everyone who is contributing by sending in their publications, petitions and calls for research and special issues. Please share our resource widely!

Christina Weis, Centre for Reproduction Research


* Image: https://wccftech.com/singapore-governments-covid-19-tracing-app-is-now-open-sourced/

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