‘COVID_19 and Reproduction’ Digest

by Christina Weis

(Updated: January 6, 2021)

The outbreak of Covid-19, its global spread and global responses has significant impact on social and biological reproduction, and our reproductive choices, health and rights.

With the aim to capture the developments and over the time build up a reference source, the Centre of Reproduction Research has launched this ‘COVID-19 and Reproduction’ digest. The digest includes news articles, empirical research, commentary work, blog posts, advice and guidelines, petitions and calls for research contributions and participants. It is organised into the below categories which continue to be updated and added to.

Thank you to everyone who contributed by sending in their publications, petitions and calls for research and special issues.

As the digest is growing, please follow links of the categories to come to see contents of each category.

See for calls for research below.

We recognise that this digest cannot capture everything and invite you to contribute material by contacting christina.weis@dmu.ac.uk , who will continue collating material.

We will be posting an updated digest periodically, probably every two weeks, with the most recent publications on top of the list.

The WRISK Project & Covid-19

This research will explore women’s experiences of being pregnant during the COVID-19 pandemic. We are interested in how messages about risk, COVID-19, and pregnancy have been communicated to women and their families. We are also interested in how their experiences of antenatal care, pregnancy, and birth have been impacted by the global pandemic.

Link to survey: https://twitter.com/WRISK_project/status/1273583834278309888?s=20

Pregnancy Choices & Covid-19

We have just launched a survey, which is a research collaboration between BPAS and the University of Illinois at Chicago’s College of Nursing. The goal of this project is to examine how the COVID-19 pandemic is impacting people’s choices surrounding fertility-related intentions, abortion, and pregnancy choices. We are conducting the survey in the USA and the UK, and will draw comparisons between the starkly different contexts. The survey is inclusive of all people who have had an abortion or who considered an abortion and then continued with their pregnancy during the pandemic, regardless of their gender identity/expression. We would also like to hear from people from a wide range of ethnic backgrounds.

Link to surveys: https://twitter.com/rbcca_blaylock/status/1278610836387397632?s=20


* Image: https://wccftech.com/singapore-governments-covid-19-tracing-app-is-now-open-sourced/

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